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How to do WhatsApp Chat Back?

How to do WhatsApp Chat Back?

WhatsApp, a well known social application, allows us to take a backup of our chats or even save it on the Drive. The local backup is saved as an encoded document. You can get WhatsApp backup with the backup file. Fortunately, WhatsApp consequently takes chat backup every day. It automatically does chat backup and save our WhatsApp data for seven days. It removes old WhatsApp backup files.

1. To back up the chat history of your WhatsApp, you have to launch the application.

1. Go to WhatsApp settings, scroll down and go to Chats > Chat Backup.

1. Tap on the “Back Up” button to do a quick backup on Google Drive.

You have done back up now. When you do a back up on google drive, it saves your photos, text messages, videos, documents, voice messages, and all WhatsApp data. You can see a copy of this backup file on local phone storage also.
If you want to check the local back up, go to ​File Manager > Device Storage > WhatsApp >


The advantage of this back up is that if you uninstall WhatsApp for any reason and reinstall it later, you would easily restore your WhatsApp data. In this way, you will not lose your important WhatsApp documents, pictures, videos, etc.



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